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Asterisk Junior Cell Knee Guard Junior

Asterisk Junior Cell Knee Guard Junior

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Riding and racing motorcycles is serious business - even for the kids. There is no doubt their growing knees need and deserve protection, and the Asterisk Germ Knee Protection System is ready to do the job.

Revolutionary design meets simple, stress-free fastening to create a comfortable and user-friendly brace for the pros of tomorrow. Sometimes the bike needs protection too so we’ve added a special guard to the hinge area. (Your riding pants and tank graphics will thank you!)

  • Anatomically correct design frame
  • Glass fill Nylon 6 Injected composite for rigidity & lightweight
  • Tracks the natural “rolling-gliding” motion of the knee joint
  • Allows for automatic tibia alignment of lower frame
  • Dual Adjustment accommodates leg growth cuff
  • Thermo-Formed EV50 shock absorbent foam padding and easy cleaning
  • Transfers forces of a lower leg rotation
  • Velcro quick release straps
  • Telescoping three piece design and easily removable
  • Neoprene lined frame for greater comfort
  • Comes in two thicknesses to accommodate leg growth
  • Water resistant
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