Kimpex NOMAD 2-Up Trunk Rear

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The NOMAD 2-Up trunk box can be customized to meet customer needs. Whether for work, hunting, fishing or just a ride for two in the forest, the NOMAD 2-Up trunk box demonstrates its practicality and convenience aspect for any situation. Also, the trunk box was designed to fit on some two-seater ATVs with the original cushion for the passenger.


Easy Adaptable
The trunk design allows a quick and easy installation. The NOMAD 2-Up trunk offers a wide variety of configurations and can be adapted to any situation. It can be partially disassembled in a few seconds to be used as a tool box or to carry oversized items.

115L Storage Capacity
There is enough space to store two MX helmets, lots of tools and even your gas can. it is also possible to compartmentalize the inside of the trunk. Another interesting aspect of the NOMAD 2-Up trunk is the glove compartment on the left side of the trunk. It gives a direct access inside the trunk while seated.

Superior comfort and ergonomics
Your passenger will take full advantage of the ride because of the seat’s back angle, the optimized grips’angle and elbow supports, all for a better comfort.

Protection against water and dust infiltration
A gasket integrated to the trunk cover, combined with a secure, efficient secure locking mechanism, makes the NOMAD 2-Up trunk box airtight and watertight.

Optional: Also purchase an easy installation bracket # 458100 for plastic rack or # 458099 for steel round pipe rack with tube diameter between ½’’ and 1’’.

5 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.