NavAltas External Navigation Box (Android OS)

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  • Compatible with DXU1100DVR & DXP1001DVR
  • Navigate with maps and tools tailored specifically for off-road use
  • Record off-road trails and waypoints and share them with friends who can view on their PC, phones, or navigate to them using their own NavAtlas navigation.
  • Location Management System allows you to save and organize your favorite locations so that you can return to them later using NavAtlas Expedition’s maps or its specialized location finding tools.
  • GPX file import/export for trails and waypoints on Android devices using NavAtlas Utilities, available on Google Play Store, is required.
  • Reports Navigational compass and GPS information in real-time
  • Waypoint creation tools: Enter coordinates, drop a pin on the map, save your current position.
  • Search by map coordinates
  • GPS Satellites graph and position charts
  • Sunrise/Sunset time indicator
  • Pairs with NAV160 Bluetooth GPS booster, available at your local NavAtlas dealer. GPS receiver is recommended in areas that have excessive interference or poor GPS reception in order to get a faster GPS lock