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Shad SH58X Expandable and Top Case

Shad SH58X Expandable and Top Case

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It can be adapted both to everyday life in the city and to those adventure trips you have always dreamed about. A very versatile top case, where changing between the different positions, we moved from an aerodynamic case to a big coffer in seconds

Volume adjustable in 3 positions

Size L:

  • This top case offers a volume of 46L$$, which allows carrying things needed for every day.$$

Size XL:
  • This top case reaches 52L$$, which are very helpful for those short weekend trips. $$

Size XXL:
  • This top case reaches the 58L$$, enough to bring anything you need to that amazing adventure you have been dreaming about for so long.$$
Cover is included
$$ * Backrest in option
* Case bracket sold separately!

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